Magic Inn

Magic Inn is a mixture of Management Simulation, Strategy, Card Deckbuilder and RPG.

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About us

Purple door, represents a gate towards the magical world. Our vision is to build games that can offer unique and individual stories for each of our players. We love systemic games, where each player, each playthrough and each encounter is a personalized story.


Inn 101

An Inn is like a home. Doing chores like cooking, cleaning and bartending. Your customers will be happy. You can use the gold you get to expand furniture, decorate your inn or hire happy helpers. And you will be happy. Trust me.


Master the Art of Conversation

Improve your power of language by gaining new cards and strategize your deck towards your customers. Negotiate prices, improve emotions to earn more tips, and more.


Building Relationships

The land is populated with randomly generated characters. Discovering who they are, what they do and befriend them. You will be heavily rewarded.


You are a Wizard!

And don't forget that! Leverage your magical abilities, and have some fun! They can be handy when things are becoming chaotic.


Home Sweet Home

The Inn is also your home. Taking good care of it and customize it to your style. And, have a good night.

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Prague, Czech Republic