Magic Inn

Magic Inn is a blend of deck-building and Inn simulation. You expand your social network to enhance your power and influence in the Kingdom.

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About The Game

You are a wizard in exile, pioneering the first-ever magical inn. Against hostility towards your kind, you gather wealth and cultivate strong relationships. Invest in properties, collect treasures and expand your influence, until you can live in a castle and reclaim your former glory.

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As an Inn keeper, cooking is your basic chore. You can get high quality ingredients with a discount if you know a farmer. Pleasing highnesses is determined by it


Cast a spell

Unleash your wizardry upon everyday tasks. Efficiency can be significantly increased when the Inn becomes insanely busy later on!



All the events, such as hiring, shopping, bargaining and inviting etc, take place here.


Your character, Your Way

Embrace the freedom to embody your desired identity and become whomever you want to be.


Character Book

It shows the depth of the game. Core gameplay is about to unlock all these traits of a customer.

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Prague, Czech Republic